Endpoint detection and response service


Regardless of the scale, the security and compliance of the terminal is of utmost importance to every enterprise. When companies use technologies that help business growth, they also need to observe changing threats and determine the threat range of these threat actors to protect the end users and the security of sensitive data.
Endpoint detection and response service 1Although traditional anti-virus software and defense products that can learn from threats have been widely used, malicious threat activities continue to increase, which prompts companies to find new ways to fight against commodity, 0-day, and advanced threats. Both new threats and existing threats are developing rapidly. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that enterprise software and hardware are patched against known vulnerabilities. Once the enterprise lacks personnel, process, and technology, it will cause security vulnerabilities. End-point threat protection technology cannot keep up. Therefore, companies must keep abreast of new threats and threats that use pre-existing business-critical software and applications to achieve malicious purposes. Enterprises need a new method to better protect their security from such widespread attacks.

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